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MEPSI Donates to Boston 2026

Mexico-Elmhurst Philatelic Society International has made a $1,500 contribution to Boston 2026 World Expo.

Well-known as the only major philatelic society specializing in Mexican philately of all kinds, MEPSI has members on all continents except Antarctica and in nearly every U.S. state. It is an affiliate of the American Philatelic Society.

The “Elmhurst” part of their name stems from its 1935 origins in Elmhurst, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago. It was there that 25 collectors formed a local club that eventually added “Mexico” to the name, as this was the country they discovered they all collected and decided to focus on.

Yearly membership in MEPSI begins in January and entitles collectors to four issues of their Mexicana journal, access to an extensive reference library, circuit book submissions and purchases, and expertization services. Plans are underway for MEPSI to host their 2026 convention at Boston 2026. Find out more about them on their web site at

Philatelic societies and organizations of any size are welcome to reserve rooms for meetings and presentations daily throughout the eight days of Boston 2026. Contact Society Chair Mark Schwartz ( to inquire or make your interests known.

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