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Society for Czechoslovak Philately Donation

Boston 2026 World Expo is pleased to announce the receipt of another contribution from a noteworthy philatelic organization, the Society for Czechoslovak Philately (SCP).

SCP President James Buckner emailed World Expo officers on November 30 that the group is forwarding a $1,000 check in support of the 2026 exhibition.

As explained on their extensive web site at, the SCP was founded in New York City in 1939 as the Czechoslovak Philatelic Society with the goal of collecting, study of, education, and publicizing all aspects of the hobby represented by geographic areas of Czechoslovakia as the nation faced the turmoil of the oncoming war.  It now covers philately of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic, the Slovakia Republic and Bohemia & Moravia.

Today the society has members residing in 35 states and 17 countries.  SCP membership offers a variety of services, including their journal, The Czechoslovak Specialist, access to the society library, discounted publications and expertization services, exhibit honoraria and more.  The group is in the process of organizing meetings during Boston 2026.

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