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Graham Beck Joins Advisory Board

Boston 2026 World Expo is pleased to announce that Graham Beck has joined the exhibition as an online philatelic advisor.

The 36 year old native South African now residing in New Jersey is a YouTube superstar with nearly 29,000 subscribers watching his engaging videos covering the many facets of the hobby from a fresh and entertaining perspective.

Graham’s Exploring Stamps YouTube channel ( has been online since 2016 with videos on a variety of subjects, numbering 127 to date. They are a combination of “how-to” and country/stamp related topics that investigate their origins and history ranging from a minute to over an hour in length. All demonstrate the fascination that stamp collecting brings to young and old alike.

Among Graham’s honors is the 2022 APS Ernest A. Kehr Award, presented for making philately attractive as a hobby to newcomers over a minimum of five years. He was invited to participate in the London Stampex #xtremephilately exhibition this past October, described as, “the art of taking a stamp and finding the object, landscape, person on the stamp in real life and then snapping a photo and sharing it on social media.”

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