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Society Major Sponsor Named

United Postal Stationery Society

March 25, 2022

The United Postal Stationery Society has been named a Boston 2026 World Expo “Society Major Sponsor.” 

UPSS President Edward Heir and past President Wayne Menuz met with Boston 2026 officers at show headquarters in Boxborough, Massachusetts, to discuss ways the society could assist the upcoming international philatelic exhibition. As a result, the UPSS Board of Directors appointed Convention Coordinator Bob Thompson as their Boston 2026 liaison and made a $50,000 major contribution to the expo. 

Quoting the society’s donation letter announcing their plans, “It has been the mission of the United Postal Stationery Society, since its formation in 1945, to support the collection, research and promotion of worldwide postal stationery. Certainly, our society’s active participation in Boston 2026 international exhibition, the once in 10 years philatelic event, is in line with that mission.” Their homepage is at

Nancy Clark, President of Boston 2026 World Expo and an active collector and exhibitor of postal stationery, said, “We welcome the strong support of the postal stationery community to our celebration of philately and the study and collecting of postal communication.” 

Boston 2026 World Expo takes place May 23–30, 2026, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.  Full show details may be found at and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Sign up to be added to the Boston 2026 email list and receive updates when available.


Thomas M. Fortunato
Boston 2026 Public Relations Chair

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