Boston 2026 World Stamp Show, Inc. is a Massachusetts nonprofit [501(c)(3)] corporation that will stage the Boston 2026 World Expo, the twelfth international philatelic exhibition of the United States, from May 23 to May 30, 2026, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in Boston’s Seaport District.

Corporation Officers 

  • President: Yamil H. Kouri, Jr. (Yamil.Kouri@Boston2026.org) of Lexington, MA 
  • Secretary/Clerk: Christopher Brouady (Chris.Brouady@Boston2026.org) of Burlington, MA 
  • Show Treasurer: Cass Rejent (Cass.Rejent@Boston2026.org) of Marietta, GA (CPA Emeritus)
  • Director: Mark Schwartz (Mark.Schwartz@Boston2026.org) of Philadelphia, PA 
  • Director: Scott English (Scott@stamps.org) of American Philatelic Society (ex officio)
  • Director: Robert Zeigler (ziggy_travesty@yahoo.com) of American Philatelic Society (ex officio)
  • Resident Agent & Counsel: George S. Norton, Esq. (George.Norton@Boston2026.org) of Waltham, MA

Organizing Committee 

  • Executive Director: Mark A. Butterline (Mark.Butterline@Boston2026.org) of Maynard, MA 
  • Commissioner General: Yamil H. Kouri, Jr. (Yamil.Kouri@Boston2026.org) of Lexington, MA 
  • Assistant Legal Counsel: Matt Liebson (Matt.Liebson@Boston2026.org) of Solon, OH 
  • Dealer Bourse Chair (USA/Canada): Mark Reasoner (Mark.Reasoner@Boston2026.org) of Columbus, OH 
  • Dealer Bourse Chair (International): Sandeep Jaiswal (Sandeep.Jaiswal@Boston2026.org) of Cranston, RI
  • Postal Administration Bourse Chair: Vacant 
  • Volunteer Chair: Steve Kennedy (Steve.Kennedy@Boston2026.org) of Riviera Beach, FL
  • Society Chair: Mark Schwartz (Mark.Schwartz@Boston2026.org) of Philadelphia, PA
  • Court of Honor Chair: Douglas Clark (Douglas.Clark@Boston2026.org) of Marstons Mills, MA 
  • Public Relations Chair: Tom Fortunato (Tom.Fortunato@Boston2026.org) of Rochester, NY 
  • Social Media Chair: Vacant
  • Marketing Director: Vacant 
  • Beginners/Youth Chair: Andrew Oleksiuk (Andrew.Oleksiuk@Boston2026.org) of Chicago, IL 
  • Museum Relations Chair: Daniel Piazza (Daniel.Piazza@Boston2026.org) of Washington, DC 
  • Security Manager: David Ball (David.Ball@Boston2026.org) of Framingham, MA 
  • Awards Chair: Alan Barasch (Alan.Barasch@Boston2026.org) of St. Louis, MO 
  • Frames Chair: Lawrence Norris (Lawrence.Norris@Boston2026.org) of Hudson, MA 
  • Art Director: Carol Bommarito (Carol.Bommarito@Boston2026.org) of New York, NY 
  • Literature Chair: Scott Tiffney (Scott.Tiffney@Boston2026.org) of Bellefonte, PA 
  • Customs Broker Liaison: Colin Fraser (Colin.Fraser@Boston2026.org) of Woodstock, NY 
  • United States Postal Service Liaison: Chris Lazaroff (Chris.Lazaroff@Boston2026.org) of Simpsonville, SC 
  • Development Chair: Suzanne Kouri (Suzanne.Kouri@Boston2026.org) of Lexington, MA 
  • Government/NGO Outreach Chair: Dane Claussen (Dane.Claussen@Boston2026.org) of Moscow, ID  


  • Advisor: Charles J. G. Verge (cjgverge@rogers.com) of Toronto, Canada
  • ASDA Advisor: Dana Guyer (Dana@AmericanStampDealer.com) of Centre Hall, PA
  • Advisor: Michael Dixon (mdd10@att.net) of Portland, OR
  • Advisor: Ken Martin (kpmartin@stamps.org) of Bellefonte, PA
  • Advisor: Nancy B. Clark (Nancy.Clark@Boston2026.org) of Marstons Mills, MA (President Emerita)
  • Advisor: Anonymous

In Memoriam 

  • Gordon Morison 
  • Michael Mead

Morison to the APS Hall of Fame

Boston 2026 notes the entry of our friend and Organizing Committee Advisor Gordon Morison into the American Philatelic Society’s Hall of Fame. Established in 1940, the Hall of Fame award is given to deceased philatelists that have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of national or international philately.

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